Our Greatest Need is Prayer

Steve_headshotby Steve Stiger

Recently, a small group of 4 ladies visited us at the station.  They wanted to meet us in person, take a tour, share their hearts, and pray for us.  Of course, we were delighted to set up a time with them as they told us over the phone that they pray regularly for us and our ministry here at Good Life 45.  How grateful we are to know that our ministry is being faithfully lifted up to the Lord for His blessing and hand to be upon us!  We definitely wanted to meet them and thank them personally for their prayers.


As we visited together, it became very apparent that praying was serious business to them, and they purposed to pray with us throughout the station making sure that every nook and cranny was covered with fervent, heart-felt prayer.   We experienced a rich, meaningful fellowship through prayer with each other and the Lord. 


I remember growing up in church reading a quote from John Wesley which said his “heart was strangely warmed.”  It was exactly what each of us felt that day as the ladies prayed over our station.  Our hearts were touched by their sincerity, faithfulness, passion, and their love not only the Lord, but for our station.  We were humbled and deeply grateful for their prayers.  The Holy Spirit was present and powerful that day, and our hearts were warmed.


We want to thank each of you who remember us in prayer.  There can be nothing greater or more significant than prayer.  We invest a lot of time asking for your financial support, and yes, we need that.  But our even greater need is prayer.  I would ask that you listen to the promptings of that still, small voice, and obey.  That’s all we ask.   Thank you to all those of you who choose to partner with us, and thank you sweet ladies and gentlemen who pray for us and our ministry here at Good Life 45.  God is faithfully answering His people’s prayers.  We see lives changed.  We truly are Where Hope Happens.


“Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.”

Eph. 6:24

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