Mr. Rogers’ Beautiful Day

BarbaraBeck_570x380By Barbara Beck

It’s a wonderful day in the Lord, and I hope you’re being really intentional about making this a great day. You know, I remember Mr. Rogers singing his little song to his audience about it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, and him saying, “so let’s make the most of this beautiful day…”

It really is a decision we make as to whether or not we have a good day. Circumstances do not make a great day necessarily. Rarely do we have a day where everything goes our way. The air conditioner breaks down, the ice maker stops working, the car has a flat tire. We have a disagreement with a co-worker, spouse or child. Lots of things happen that can make our day pretty miserable, UNLESS, we are intentional about relying on God to help us through.

My daughter recently took a red-eye flight across the country, landed at 6:00 am and had to go to work that morning. Believe me, she did not have an easy day. She was tired. Probably a little unfocused. Maybe even grumpy? I don’t know, but it’s possible. The only thing I could tell her was to rely on God as her strength.

Then there’s the issue of gratitude. If we are truly thankful to God every day for all of His blessings, then our perspective turns to one of eternal significance rather than earthly concerns. So let’s start our days with thanking God and depending on Him to not just get us through our days, but to really enjoy them and grab hold of all He has to offer.

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DATE: 02/03/2016