Dreading Birthdays

I used to dread birthdays.  It just meant getting a year older, finding more wrinkles and gray hairs and feeling those aging joint pains. But this past weekend when my newlywed daughter and her husband surprised me with a birthday visit all the way from Houston, I decided that I now love birthdays!

Thursday evening I had nestled into my bed after hosting a dinner party for a couple of 90-something year olds, my 3 Adorables and daughter number 1 and her husband.  I was pretty exhausted and was looking forward to an early bedtime when the door burst open with my big surprise.  Kelsey and Kyle had flown in from Texas to spend the weekend with us and celebrate my birthday.

I was shocked and felt so honored that my brand new son-in-law would initiate such a visit!  What a gift of selfless love and service!  Kyle earned some serious brownie points on that one, not just with me but with his bride, as well, as she loves being home and seeing her family.

So the birthday weekend commenced.  Nibbling on M&M’s, we played cards; we ate donuts; we spent a day at the beach body surfing and playing volleyball; we laughed; we ate Jeremiah’s pnutty ice; we played tennis; we ate Japanese and Italian food; we took bike rides; we ate hamburgers and hot dogs; we played ping pong; we swam in the pool and watched Kyle throw the Adorables in the air like weightless missiles; we worshiped in church; we grocery shopped; we cooked; and we ate…and we ate…and we ate.  But mostly, we relished being together.  Or maybe eating.  I don’t know.  But I do know this: God has blessed me with an incredibly loving and fun-loving family.

Now I look forward to my birthdays!  Bring on the wrinkles, the hair dye and the Ibuprofen.  I want to celebrate every birthday just like this last one.

Thank you, God, for the gift of family and even the gift of birthdays to help us remember that with each year, we grow closer to our heavenly home with You.  That’s worth getting older for!  Amen?  Amen!

BarbaraBeck_570x380by Barbara Beck