A Legacy of Love

I had such an incredibly blessed weekend at Faith Assembly for Mother’s Day!  Our preaching partner, Pastor Carl Stephens, was gracious enough to share his platform with me for 3 Mother’s Day services, one Saturday night and two on Sunday.  I spoke on Brewing a Legacy of Love, and in my talk, I referenced my sweet dad who has been in heaven since January 14, 2011.

I told the audience how my dad was the most generous person I’ve ever known.  I talked about how he provided for our middle-class family with very little money and nothing extra.  However, I remember growing up not wanting for anything probably because I felt like he and my mom lavishly poured out love on me.  What else did I need?

My dad didn’t know how to save money.  He was generous perhaps to a fault.  When he died, he left me nothing that would tarnish, no silver, no gold, no money, rather he left me with all that really matters…his love.  His gift to me was one I could pass down to generations after me.  Dad understood the importance of spending time with me, laughing with me, believing in me, and of course, praying for me.  He loved the Lord, and he loved his family…he loved just about everyone.

After my talk on Sunday morning, a man came up to me and told me that my dad had been his school teacher in junior high.  He went on to say that integration was a new thing, and my dad was one of the very few who treated him with great respect and dignity…this gentleman was black.  With tears in his eyes, he then told me that oftentimes my dad would give him lunch money when he had none of his own.

Imagine how I felt!  Once again, my dad’s legacy of generosity and love came back to influence my life.  He lived a faithful life.  I miss him.  But I also have him with me.  I have confidence and joy in my life because I had a father who loved me unconditionally.  Dad was a master at brewing a legacy of love.

I hope and pray that we can be masters at what really matters in life…loving God, loving others.  It’s that simple.  The “stuff’ that money can buy…pales in comparison.

God bless your day,

Barbara Beack