Rainbow at the End of a Storm

Have you ever had one of those days where you had your nice little to-do list and your day planned out just so?  I’m fairly organized and like to check things off my list, so when Monday morning (that’s yesterday!) brought chaos, my list disintegrated.  While I might have been shaken, I was not defeated. Why?  God was so obviously in the mix that it was hard to deny.  A more perfect storm could not have been planned.  This one even had a rainbow at the end of it.

In light of Sunday’s tragedy, Doug, Steve and I recognized a need to respond appropriately to our viewers.  Scott put together a really nice message as a first step.  Then we discovered that partnering church First Baptist Orlando was planning a LIVE prayer vigil tonight with 3 other influential churches, Northland, Hope, and First Pres. Orlando.  Steve texted me Sunday night to start the process to see how we as a station could be involved.

That started a whirlwind of texts, phone calls, plans made, plans cancelled, plans re-made.  Do we go ahead with Tuesday’s big production.  No.  Yes.  Do we cancel lunch with A & W?  Yes.  No.  Do we tape the Current segments.  No.  Yes.  Do we postpone hair and makeup?  Yes.  No.  Honestly, that’s how it all went down!  So many people were at our mercy to be flexible…and polite.  That’s what comes when we work with Godly people!  No one screamed.  No one got mad.  No one quit.  It was a thing of beauty.

But the most significant part: we were asked to throw together a crew and make our way to First Baptist Orlando to tape a historic panel of 8 influential Central Florida preachers sharing how the Church should react and how we should love our brothers and sisters regardless of our differences.  Love our enemies?  Pray for those who hurt us?  I mean, this is raw.  This is putting our faith to the test in mighty ways.  But it was amazing.  And we as a station were positioned to lead the discussion, and we will be airing this incredible show in a couple of days.

Today meant throwing away to-do lists.  It meant calling on volunteers.  It even meant having our President/CEO baby sit a one-year old little girl so our last minute camera guy could do his job.  It meant listening for God’s voice.  And then waiting for Him.  And carrying out His plan, not mine.

We are super blessed to be part of this dedicated Good Life 45 team.  We are in it to serve God, and He’s smiling on us.  You will feel good when you see some of these next shows we put out.  They have eternal value, and it wouldn’t be possible without the entire Team.  So thank you for the important part you all play.   Oh, and wait ’til you see the rainbow!  It’s truly amazing…

Blessings on your day,
Barbara Beck