A day of selfless service, obedience, and generosity

Hi, Everyone!

You would have been proud of the current ladies this past Saturday as they represented Good Life 45 well, ministering to women at Village View Community Church.  Courtney, Kristen, Leigh Ann, Carolyn, Jeshel, Raeli and I made the trek to Summerfield, a beautiful community near Ocala.  And we were all blessed.


Kristen and I rode together, and as we entered the building, Jeshel met us at the door to escort us to their green room for a time of prayer.  I knew Jeshel was not a part of the panel discussion, so I asked her why she was there…she said to serve and be a blessing.  I wondered how she had the time to donate an entire Saturday to ministry when her 4 small children and husband were home without her.  Truthfully, I kind of felt bad for her, but was also super appreciative of her being there for us.  Selfless service!  Jeshel lights up a room and brings joy to all.

As the event began, our own multi-talented Carolyn led worship music and set the stage for some serious and often raw, from the heart sharing.  The Lord was indeed in that place.

But the best was yet to come. The most precious part of the day happened afterwards as women came together to simply visit, pray and be real.  Jeshel stayed to be part of this special time.  I wouldn’t know how special until I was in the car driving home.


Kristen then told me the story.  She and Jeshel were visiting with a lady who had tons of needs. Jeshel felt a nudge from the Lord to give her a $100 bill that Jeshel had in her purse.  The lady was obviously shocked and was hesitant to take the generous offer, but Kristen assured her that in not receiving the gift, she would be a blessing blocker.  Tears of gratitude and amazement flowed.

There happened to be a mom who stayed to visit who has 5 children under the age of 11.  She had her own set of serious problems including an abusive husband who was in jail.  Understandably, she was broken, hurting, and needing some Jesus love.  What happened next can only be explained as a work of the Holy Spirit.  The lady who was the recipient of the $100 bill approached the young mom and gave her the bill.  The mom dissolved into grateful tears along with several people who witnessed the supernatural act of obedience and generosity.


It all started with Jeshel.  A young mom herself with a huge heart that says give, give, give.  A young mom who works hard for every dollar she earns.  Sweet Jeshel who volunteered to paint and redecorate our Good Life 45 green room.  Generous, loving Jeshel.  Obedient Jeshel who hears the voice of God and responds.

Listen to the words of Jesus from John 7:38, “He who believes in Me…out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”  Saturday I saw the abundance of a heart overflowing with living water.  That’s our Jeshel.

Blessings on your day,


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