Strength Under Fire

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday morning as I drove the last part of my commute to work, I followed a pickup truck that was packed full of bottled water, paper towels, drinks and other miscellaneous items.  We both pulled in to the Good Life 45 parking lot when I realized it was Bao doing what he does best: serving quietly, gently and faithfully.  If you don’t know  his story, you need to ask.  It’s an amazing testimony of strength under fire.

Bao’s day had just begun.  Unloading his truck required much muscle and stamina as Bao finished his task of replenishing the waters and other supplies.  But little did he know that his co-workers (that would be Courtney, Doug and Barbara) would be asking him to do more special projects than he had planned.  Bao’s day went off course quickly.

With production happening the next day, 2 hours of picture hanging needed to happen.  Bao replied, “No problem.”  Heavy, cumbersome flats needed to be moved around in the studio…and moved back again.  Bao replied, “No problem.”  Party lights had to be strung through the newly painted and renovated Hall of Hope.  Again, his reply, “No problem…I take care of this.”

Hope Hallway lights

But here’s the deal.  Bao doesn’t grumble or complain.  He doesn’t frown.  Bao just takes care of business because he has a heart to serve.  And he knows how to do everything with a spirit of love and generosity.  Because I sign donation letters each month, I see who gives to our ministry here at Good Life 45.  You guessed it.  Bao is a regular financial donor.

These verses remind me of Bao: “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.  Let all that you do be done with love.” (I Cor. 16:13-14).  Bao looks for ways to serve.  He’s always faithful.  He is brave and strong.  And finally, Bao is loving in the way he serves and lives his life.

I am grateful to work alongside Bao.  In so many ways, he is a picture of Christ.  Thank you, Bao, for bringing so much joy to so many people.  You are precious.  And thank you, Lord, for Bao’s giving, loving spirit.  Oh, that I might serve as selflessly as this humble, gentle man.  In Christ’s name, Amen.

Blessings on your day,