Living with a merry heart

Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to share an encouraging story with you today about my sweet little 93-year old mom. Just a few days ago, she passed out, fell and broke her arm in 2 places. She was in her bathing suit getting ready for her afternoon swim when she went down. I happened to be home at the time as I had just walked in from a speaking engagement. I knew bones were broken as I watched in despair as her arm and wrist turned blue.

It has been a very challenging few days for Mom, but she’s doing well and seems to be in really good spirits…dementia definitely has its perks. She can’t remember what she did, but she knows her arm really hurts. She has bruises all over her and doesn’t understand why. The trauma of the fall, however, is a distant memory…or not much of a memory at all for her!

Before the accident, every late afternoon after work, I would get Mom into her bathing suit, and we’d take a 30-minute swim in our backyard pool. You have to take a mental picture to see the cuteness…to protect her hair, Mom still wears a bathing cap. Yes, the old-fashioned kind with flowers and a strap under her chin. You see, a lady from her era would never go swimming without a cap…”You must protect your hair, dear.” (I rebelled after the age of 9 and stopped wearing the required cap as soon as public pools dropped that rule!).

Well, just yesterday, Mom asked me how many weeks before she could go swimming again. In my mind, the answer was, “Maybe never. Swimming season is over, and spring is 6 months away. There’s a chance…”

But I am my mother’s daughter, so I said, “Well, you don’t get your cast off for 6 weeks, and it’s not swimming weather again until April, so I guess that’s about 6 months.”

“Ohhhh, that’s so far away! I guess I’ll just have to wait til spring.”

That’s right, my sweet little mom. You will be swimming again somewhere, somehow…one of these days. Whether it’s back in my little backyard pool in April or in a pool paved in gold in heaven, she will be there, bathing cap and all.

I want to remember my mom’s positive attitude and indomitable spirit. I want to be like her, playing like an otter to the end of my days. Joyful, happy, anticipating better days ahead…with no broken bones. Living with a merry heart.

“A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”
(Proverbs 17:22)

Have a wonderful day in the Lord, remembering that God wants His children to live with joy. And never, I mean never, stop swimming.