Being An Imitator of God

I had an interesting epiphany the other day.  There’s a real benefit to the possibility that I might be recognized in public as the host of a Christian television show.  It keeps me humble, and it makes me nicer.  You just never know who’s watching…

The other day I was standing in the longest possible line at a retail store.  In fact, the lady in front of me had 2 shopping carts FULL of merchandise she was purchasing.  There were 2 cash registers, but the lady at the one that should have been opened for the long line was assisting in packaging all of the big buyer’s purchases…I mean like wrapping drinking glasses one by one, carefully, meticulously and ever so slowly. The 3 ladies were talking, laughing and having the best time discussing the carts filled with Christmas gifts, ranging from candles, a bedspread, cookware, and too many other items to mention.

I was incredulous at how long this was taking as I stood with 2 rolls of wrapping paper and a package of plastic plates.  My purchases would take 20 seconds to ring up, but noooo, the lady with the 2 shopping carts and all the time in the world seemed to be a priority.  I looked behind me at the growing line of people who rolled their eyes, looked at their watches and tapped their feet.  I remember smiling as if commiserating with them.

Finally, it was my turn.  By this time, there were maybe 10-15 people behind me in line.  The lady who rang me up very loudly said, “I know you!  You’re the lady from Good Life 45!!!  You always have a smile on your face.  Isn’t your name Barbara?”  I swallowed hard.  Did she have to announce it so loudly?  I’m used to being recognized fairly regularly, but this time it was different.  I recanted in my mind any impatient expressions I might have unknowingly shared.  I think I was ok…this time.  Gratefully, we chatted for an instant, and I was out the door acknowledging those in line behind me who undoubtedly heard the verbal exchange.

I was nice because I’m oftentimes recognized…people are watching, and I know that.  But that should NOT be my motivation.  Here’s the epiphany: I should be nice because God is watching. It’s no different for any of us.  God’s always watching.  He should be my reason for Christ-like behavior when that person cuts me off in traffic, or when I’m criticized, or when I get a bad health report.  The Bible tells us to be imitators of God.  “ Oh, that I would remember to imitate You, Lord, when the lines are long and the days are hard, especially throughout this holiday season.  In Christ’s name I pray…Amen.”

Blessings on your day,

Barbara Beck