The Golden Egg

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. With each passing year, I am more amazed at the significance of what Jesus did for us and the miracle of the resurrection. What a gift!

Part of our Easter celebration was spent with family and friends having lunch and enjoying an egg hunt on the lawn. My 3 Adorables, along with several friends and cousins, love the tradition of going to their other grandparents’ home searching for candy-filled eggs. Also hidden are 7 coveted gold eggs which have dollar bills tucked away in them. But the elusive prize is the huge Golden egg with the $20 bill folded inside. That’s what the children excitedly search for.

10-year old grandson Charlie had the advantage of being the oldest, fastest and most experienced hunter. His strong legs swept past the little children as he became a boy on a mission to find the Golden egg. I watched him snatch up the colorful eggs and drop them into his siblings’ and cousins’ baskets. He understands sharing and caring for others. Sweet, right? But what would happen when Charlie found the Golden egg? And I was sure he would.

“I got it! The Golden egg! I found it!” Charlie shouted halfway through the hunt. Excitement and disappointment rang out from the young hunters who once again missed the opportunity to find the big treasure of the day. But alas, the hunt continued as children plucked up the remaining eggs.

I was rather surprised when Charlie came up to me and whispered that he wanted to give his baby cousin the Golden egg. He said it would be great for his college fund. Who is this kid? I observed as Charlie took the egg to his cousin’s basket, plopped it in and told the parents what he had done. They graciously said they couldn’t accept his generous offer and assured Charlie that he should keep the prize. Charlie didn’t know what to do, and I could see a look of disappointment on his face. Undeterred by their refusal to accept his gift, Charlie took the coveted prize and slipped it into another egg in the baby’s basket for his cousin’s parents to find later on. They would have no other choice but to accept it as Charlie had given it in secret.

As you might imagine, my heart was swollen with pride at my precious little grandson’s desire to bless someone else. Selflessness, generosity, and love we can’t comprehend. Charlie’s gesture reminded me of the Easter message. Jesus did the unthinkable for each of us giving the greatest gift He could, the ultimate Golden egg of life with Him forever. I’m glad that egg’s in my basket.


Barbara Beck