Waiting Game

You’ve played the waiting game, right? Maybe you’re in one right now. I know I am. I’m actually not physically in this particular game, but I am a spectator, a very actively involved spectator.And it’s going to sound very weird, maybe even a little morbid.

My 94-year old mother is waiting for Jesus to take her “home.” In essence, she’s waiting for death so she can have true life. Right now, she’s pretty dormant. She rarely leaves home except for church, an occasional hair appointment, and a quick trip to the grocery store with her companion. She cannot drive, can barely see, and is close to being deaf. She spends most of her time in a chair gazing into space. Because she has dementia, I don’t know if her mind is blank or if she’s daydreaming some wonderful little stories of days past. I just don’t know. But I do know this: she’s waiting for Jesus to come.

Then there’s another waiting game going on in my life. 25-year old Kelsey is waiting for life. She’s 17 weeks pregnant and much of her time is spent focused on the miracle that is happening deep inside her body. Jesus is a big part of that game. As you know, He knew this little soul before she was knit together in Kelsey’s womb. When will she arrive? What will she look like? How will a baby change Kelsey and Kyle’s lives? Their waiting game is fun and filled with great expectation of hope and excitement.

These 2 waiting games are polar opposites. One is waiting for death; one awaits life. And yet, if we go beyond the physical realm of life on this planet, the first waiting game is actually the most expectant and hopeful. Ecclesiastes 7:1 says, “A good name is better than precious ointment, and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.” I remember whispering that verse to my dad as he was on the brink of heaven. Dad had a good name. He was an honorable, God-fearing man who loved easily. But his waiting game for death ended in life eternal…life without pain or tears. The very best life because it was life with Jesus Christ.

Kelsey and Kyle’s baby’s birth will be a great day, one of the happiest days a parent or grandparent can imagine. But that precious baby’s birth pales in comparison to my mom’s day of death when we she will have a heavenly reunion with her Savior and an eternal home of unimaginable joy.

We’ll all be there one day. Oh, that I would keep my eyes on the prize so that the end of that game will be nothing short of miraculous and joy-filled. The waiting game: waiting for true life to begin.


Barbara Beck

DATE: 09/05/2017
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog