Gold Shoes

This past Sunday as I was helping my 94-year old mom get dressed for church, she balked at wearing the gold shoes I had chosen to complete her outfit.  Were they uncomfortable?  Did she think they didn’t match her dress?  What was wrong with the gold shoes?

“Oh, nooo,” Mom bemoaned, “those are my best shoes, and I’m saving them for special occasions.”

I told her that every day is a special occasion when you’re 94 years old.  We had a good laugh together, and she wore the gold shoes.

As I reflected on our brief conversation, I realized that there is a lot of truth to be found in living each day as if it is a special occasion.  Carpe Diem.  Seize the day.  But not flippantly without regard for the future.  Our living each day to its fullest is about honoring God.  Not wasting time.  Not wiling away our days with inconsequential, mundane activities.

I used to be pretty faithful (I’m not as much now) about reflecting on what my day was like as I was drifting off to sleep.  (Now I pray I just go to sleep!)  But my routine was to ask myself what I did that day that had eternal value.  It might be as simple as showing interest in the grocery store clerk.  Or allowing someone on I-4 to cut me off without getting angry.  In everything we do, we are to honor God.  I need to be thinking with an eternal perspective.  What’s valuable, meaningful?

The old adage, “Attitude is everything” is so true.  If I can make it through my day without losing patience, getting angry, criticizing someone, or having negative thoughts, rather looking for ways to serve others and spending quality time with God, then I have done something of eternal value.

Live for today with bright hopes for tomorrow…sounds like an old hymn.  Don’t save the good china, crystal and silver for holidays and special occasions.  Today might be our last day.  Wear the gold shoes…and how blessed you will be if by the end of your life those shoes are ragged, scuffed and have holes in the soles, so be it.  Enjoy the day and wear your sparkle shoes whenever you can.  You’re worth it.
DATE: 18/10/2017
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog