Fear vs. Pain

It was an afternoon of fun at the Beck backyard swimming pool.  My new son-in-law Kyle seemed to be enjoying his role of throwing kids into the pool time after time.  Squeals of delight from little 6-year old Luke rang out in spite of the occasional splat and sting of a landing gone wrong.  But he continued to get out of the pool and beg Kyle for more thrilling flights through the air into the water.

Once the festivities ended and almost everyone had gone home, I took Luke aside and whispered, “Hey, buddy, do you ever get hurt when Kyle throws you into the air and you land kind of hard on the water?”

Luke thought about it for an instant and then answered, “Ya, it hurts a little, but the fun is worth the pain.”

Is that like so many of our experiences in life?  We love someone and the relationship goes sour.  We trust a friend who betrays us.  We invest in a life, and we are disappointed.  We lose someone we love to sickness or death.  Would we change anything?  Would we forego the fun to keep from feeling the pain?  Or do the benefits outweigh the hurt?

Every day we make choices.  If we miss out on an opportunity to enjoy life because we’re afraid of getting hurt, then we might miss a blessing.  It’s risky to give your heart to someone.  But aren’t certain risks necessary if we are to reap the rewards?

God risked it all for us.  If God hadn’t sent us His Son, we would be lost.  Was it worth the pain, Jesus, for the “fun” of allowing us to know You, love You, and spend eternity with You?  I have to believe that our precious Lord would say He’d do it all over again because of His deep love for each of us.  Surely the pain was worth it.

I’m so grateful we serve a God who has not only given us the “fun” of knowing Him but who also provides us with ways to deal with the pain in life.  He is with us through it all and gives us power to cope, to get through life’s hurts.  Why?  Because He promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  He carries us when we’re weary.  He walks beside us when we need a friend.  And He goes before us to level our paths.  So when we’re feeling burdened by life’s hurts and pains, remember at the end of the day, there’s something good there for us.  Life is going to hurt a little, maybe even a lot, but the fun is worth the pain.  Just ask Luke.

DATE: 08/11/2017
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog