Racial Tension

Racial tension is real in our culture…and has been since the start of mankind. Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? He was a great guy, but he was also looked down upon by everyone because of his race… he was a mixed breed. But Jesus said, because the Samaritan showed mercy to the traveler who had been left for dead, he was praised in Scripture… the Samaritan scorned by society was the one Jesus said we should imitate.

I wonder sometimes how many blessings we might have missed because we’ve failed to befriend someone who appears to be different from us but has value, as all of God’s people have. Maybe because he was a different color, we didn’t want to invest in his life.

I remember when I was a little girl, I had a friend who was from Cuba.  Pilar was her name, and I adored her. But her life wasn’t easy. She was often made fun of or made to feel inferior because of her accent. Her parents fled Cuba and lost everything to escape the regime of Fidel Castro. Through the years, I lost touch with Pilar, but I can’t help wonder how her life has turned out. Did she continue to suffer prejudices from people who just didn’t understand her or know her circumstances? Or was hers a life of promise and purpose, one during which she contributed greatly to our society. I’ll never know, but this I do know: God has created each of us with a plan for our lives. Each of us has value and is precious in His sight.  Why would we treat anyone regardless of their color, creed or even gender with less than great respect, honor and love. That’s how God sees each of us. I should do no less.


by Barbara Beck

DATE: 24/01/2018
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog