Staying the Course

When we talk about staying the course, we’re really talking about remaining faithful when difficulties come our way, when perhaps we even question God’s sovereignty.  Those times when we cry out, “What are you doing, God?”

So how do we get to a place where we go on autopilot meaning we trust God when life is out of control or at the very least, it’s difficult… and for many of us, that would probably be daily!  And that’s ok.  Here’s what God’s word has to say about that…for us to stay upright, blameless and walk in the way of goodness, we have to have wisdom, according to Proverbs 2.

Then that begs the next question: how do we obtain wisdom?  In the Bible, James tells us to ask.  That’s it.  And then, of course, we know that in order to be wise, we have to seek and search for wisdom by storing up His word in our hearts.  Then God becomes our shield; He guards and preserves us, and our path becomes one of righteousness and justice.  That sounds pretty good to me.

I can remember times in my life, particularly when I was a baby Christian, when I didn’t feel very faithful… I was unhappy if a prayer request was not answered like I wanted it to be.  Anybody relate?  As I have grown and matured through the  years, I realize that God’s ways and his thoughts are not always like mine.  But to have the mind of Christ on a consistent basis takes effort on my part.  It means I need to be in the Word every day… I need to memorize Scripture, study the Bible, surround myself with Christian friends, and oftentimes simply trust when I don’t understand.

We all fail from time to time.  But thankfully, we have a merciful, loving, compassionate heavenly Father who continues to nudge us along and bring us back into fellowship with Him.  Staying the course… regardless of our situation.  That’s my heart… I hope it’s yours.


by Barbara Beck

DATE: 30/01/2018
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog