Years Fly By

We say it every year, but it’s true…how can time go by so quickly?  A lonely, older gentleman wisely once said, “My days are long, but the years fly by.”  In light of that truth, how should we be investing our precious time?  The Bible tells us that our days are numbered and our lives are but a vapor.  Time is marching on.

So we live out our days with intentionality.  The simple yet profound formula for successful living is this: love God; serve others; make a difference in this world.  Sometimes that might look as easy as letting someone go ahead of us in line or buying lunch for a stranger.  It might be dishing out food at a homeless shelter or sitting with an elderly neighbor listening to them reminisce.  At the end of every day, perhaps we should be reflecting on what we did of eternal value.  It certainly helps me put life into perspective.  How did I spend my day?  Where did I invest my time and resources?

Here at Good Life 45, Where Hope Happens, we purpose to bring you programming that will minister to you, make a positive impact on your life, inspire you to be more and do more, and ultimately bring you closer to Jesus Christ.  That might mean listening to sermons and teachings by national and local preachers.  Maybe it’s spending an hour watching Welcome Home and the Current ladies and hearing life-changing stories that bring hope and give testimony to God’s incredible power in our lives.  Our constant prayer is that as you invest your time and resources in our programming, your days are brighter and your perspective is more eternal.  That’s the beauty of Christian television…you can see the love of Jesus throughout your day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And that is time well spent.

May the year ahead be filled with much love, gratitude, and eternal impact…because yes, the days are flying by, and as the Psalmist says, “Certainly every man at his best state is but vapor.”  Together, let’s make each day count.

DATE: 17/01/2018
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