That’s Not Fair

How many of us as parents have heard our children say, “That’s not fair.  It’s just not fair.”  What has your response been?  Well, if you’re like me, you probably said, “Well, life’s not fair.  That’s just the way it is.”  Not a very satisfactory answer, but it’s the truth.  Life is not fair.  So how do we handle unfairness when it crosses our paths?  Do we rebel?  Do we complain?  Do we cry, scream, yell…all of the above?  Or are we mature enough in our walk with the Lord to say, “Well, I know it’s not fair, and I can’t control the situation, but I can control how I react to injustice and  unfairness.”

Jesus talks about in Matthew, blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness.  Now every time we’re treated unfairly doesn’t mean we are persecuted, but it could mean that.  To be unfairly persecuted because of a stand we make for Jesus…well, that a pretty good thing.  Jesus tells us we’re blessed.  But how do we get to a place in our spiritual journey where we react and respond in a godly way to unfairness and persecution?

Even though as Christians we’ve died to self, to sin, we still let that creep into our responses sometimes.  For me, if I’m in God’s word and have it hidden in my heart, then when I’m faced with situations that are less than idyllic, I have a chance to put my faith into action as I attempt to appropriate the power of the Holy Spirit by saying, as my good friend Mo Mydlo teaches, “NO, Devil, not this time.”  Through God’s power, I’ve got this.  I can be unfairly treated (Jesus was), I can be lied about (Jesus was), I can be physically beaten (Jesus was), and I can even die (Jesus did)… unfairness is a part of our walk as believers.  How we handle it is up to our level of spiritual maturity.  Ohhh, that we would have the mind of Christ and the strength to respond like Jesus would, even in the face of unfairness and persecution.

DATE: 02/04/2018
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog