Why do you suppose that so many of us who have been designated as “normal” in our society, have a hard time embracing those with special needs?  Are we fearful or just plain ill-informed or another word for that would be ignorant.

When I found out that only 17% of the adult population with Down Syndrome are employed, I had to wonder why.  Opportunities need to be available for all of us to reach our full potential and to live our lives with purpose, because after all, we were fearfully and wonderfully made. God has plan for our lives, a purpose.  

I’m sure many of you with children have always tried to teach your young ones to reach for the stars, to dream big. To go for the gold. Why do we tend to place restrictions and limitations on those with special needs like Down Syndrome?  And here’s another heartbreaking fact… oftentimes, women who are pregnant can find out if their unborn baby is “normal.” If he or she has that extra chromosome that defines the diagnosis of Down Syndrome, they can choose to terminate the pregnancy.  

Do you remember Tim Tebow’s story? His parents made the decision to keep that pregnancy viable even though doctors told the parents that the unborn baby would be abnormal and that Pam Tebow should abort her baby. Well, we know how Tim Tebow turned out and how many people he has influenced for the Lord.  

And then what about Nick Vujicic? A man born without arms or legs. His ministry today is one that espouses no limitations…. no boundaries… reach for the stars. He’s an international superstar for God. Countless people have been inspired by his faith journey and who knows how many souls have been saved as a result of his incredible testimony and faith journey.  Scripture is very clear that God has created each of us in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made, and that includes those born with special needs. We might do well to keep that in mind.

DATE: 25/04/2018
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog