Stranger Or Angel?

I’m going to tell you a little story today about my encounter with a possible angel.

Now, I don’t share this very often with very many people because it’s sort of strange and I’m not even 100% sure it was an angel, but I’ll let you decide.

This happened about 30 years ago, and I was on a bike ride with my dog running beside me. I was pedaling fast down a hill on a brick road when my dog veered in front of me and caused me to fall… and fall hard.  I landed on the side of my head and this was before helmets were encouraged… I know, not smart on my part.  I’m a little smarter now when I ride my bike.

But anyway, as I was lying in the road, stunned and hurting, a 20-something year old man on a bike rode toward me and stopped to help.  No one else was around. No cars, no people, just this guy out of the blue. He helped me up and asked if he could walk me to my house. I said yes because I was a little dazed and felt like I needed the help. We walked our bikes a couple of blocks to my house and he came inside (yes, a perfect stranger, to this day I can’t believe I let him come in my house). He helped me to a chair in my living room; I sat down, and he left.

But before he left, he asked if he could bring me back a daisy pill to help me with the possible swelling in my head. What could I say but yes? I was pretty out of it. He left, returned in 5 minutes or so, and gave me a tiny white pill that I swallowed without protest. He said it was a daisy pill and would keep my brain from bleeding from the injury.

Now, keep in mind; I’m super aware of stranger danger; I’ve never taken any of kind of illegal drugs, but I wasn’t worried this was anything but perfectly normal.  I had an almost eerie peace about this man, so I took the pill, and he left. I locked the front door and went straight to bed to get rid of my pounding headache.

Weird, right?

Definitely out of character for me to trust a perfect stranger and then to take a little pill I knew nothing about. But I’m here today; I think I’m pretty normal without any kind of brain injury, and I really think God might have sent me an angel.

I’ll always think that.

God’s protection was all over me that day (as He is every day), but that particular day was a little extra special with a visit from a stranger… and by the way, my dog suffered no injury.


by Barbara Beck

DATE: 15/08/2018
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog

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