Is the Church Still Relevant?

Are you aware of how unique the church is today and how different the church looks now compared to generations ago?  Regardless of how the church looks, it is still alive and of utmost value and importance.

Now, I’m going to be preaching to myself here for a moment…I’m at a season in my life where because I faithfully raised my children in the church, served in the church teaching Sunday school, working with the youth, and playing the piano for children’s choirs for probably 20 years, I, in my sort of misguided way, feel like I’m entitled to a little rest.  

No! I still need the church, and the church needs me! I still need to serve, to be a mentor and example when I can, to teach, to play the piano, or whatever God calls me to. As we get older, we don’t need to act like we’re obsolete even though often it’s easy to just let others do all the work while we take a back seat.

Here’s a great example of a man who will not rest. Dois Rosser retired from his business career at the age of 65. He did very well in life and could have enjoyed his twilight years traveling, playing golf and just leading a self-centered life, but no. Dois Rosser started a not for profit ministry and still goes to work everyday doing all he can do…at the age of 95. 30 years of a leisurely retirement were his for the taking, but Dois Rosser obeyed God’s continued call on his life to serve. Yes, he travels a lot now…to 3rd world countries planting churches and making sure everyone hears the Gospel of Christ.

Think about men and women in the Bible…did anyone retire? It’s not biblical to stop working…it IS biblical to serve others before ourselves, to look for opportunities to bless people with our resources and our talents, it IS biblical to finish well.

The church is all important, and the part we play in helping the church flourish cannot be minimized. We must do our part to keep the church alive. This honors our God and makes us feel like we’re fulfilling our purpose in life. Don’t give up on the church…don’t sit back and let others do all the work. We are the church…let’s act like it.

Barbara Beck
DATE: 04/01/2019