Coping with Suffering

Talking about pain and suffering is important.  Why? Well, I can’t imagine that there’s a single person who hasn’t struggled with something that has caused them pain and suffering.  The Bible is replete with examples of men and women who loved and trusted God but nevertheless went through the wringer and back again.

 Think of Job. He’s the ultimate example of someone who had pretty much everything of value taken away from him even though the Bible tells us that he was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.  

So how did Job respond? Throughout all the times of adversity and loss, the Bible tells us that Job did not sin. What an example for us to follow! I think 3 lessons God wants us to learn as we go through times of suffering is to remember that God is sovereign.  He knows what we’re going through. And secondly, He does care about us and will use those hard times to draw us nearer to Him.

In my own life, I’ve never talked to God as much as when I’ve been going through my own trials. The darkest moments of my life are those times when I fall at His feet in prayer and simply rest in His presence.  And I’m pretty sure that’s what God wants for us all the time…whether we’re suffering in the deepest pit or whether we’re on the mountaintop.

And the final lesson is that all that we’re going through on this earth, all of it, is temporal. The Bible teaches that these are light and momentary problems compared to the glory that awaits us in heaven.  Pretty good reminder for us when we’re going through suffering.

Let’s remember God is sovereign; He loves us, and our suffering is but for a season. Life will get better again. That’s a promise from God. May He bless you with His hope and peace today and every day.

DATE: 13/02/2019
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog