Empowering Youth

I have always loved teenagers. I understand that not everyone does! But I remember when my 2 daughters were teens, and those were some of my favorite years…lots of activity with friends in our home, always making sure we had plenty of snacks and hearty meals to share, and of course, those tender times of listening to the drama and disappointment of boyfriends moving on and breaking hearts. All a part of those formative, oftentime tumultuous years. But I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

My husband and I were blessed with girls who loved the Lord at an early age and really didn’t give us any serious trouble. Not perfect, but pretty great overall. I want to say we were lucky because I know plenty of God-fearing homes where teenagers stray, rebel and cause all kinds of heartache. But one thing I always felt like we had going for us was a very involved dad who loved the Lord and served his daughters. To this day, they ask their dad to occasionally fill their gas tanks, pick up children from school, or just go to lunch together. My husband just knew how to be a great dad. I’m so grateful to God for that. I also recognize that there are plenty of single parents who are struggling and are in the throes of dealing with difficult, rebellious teens.

I know you didn’t ask, but if you did, my advice would be to love them through it all, be there for them when they fall, and pray without ceasing for them. Even with adult children today, that’s what we’re still doing…loving and praying, loving and praying. God will honor your faithfulness.

DATE: 27/02/2019
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