Holy Boldness

I need the reminder in my own life to demonstrate HOLY boldness, even when I’m just not feeling it.  Never allowing anything to get in the way of my boldness, whether it’s my mood or my concern for what others might think about me. I need to be bold as the Bible teaches, bold as a lion.

But here’s a little disclaimer, if you will. Our boldness does not need to come from us, but from God…that’s why I’m saying HOLY boldness, not man’s boldness.  You’ve seen those arrogant, bold people who rub us the wrong way…why? Because it’s usually all about them and not about God. But someone who has HOLY boldness might actually have a meek, kind, quiet demeanor. Strength that comes from the Lord is attractive, winsome.  Strength that comes from man’s own devices is unattractive and often offensive.

Here’s an example: I work with someone who is quiet in her faith and very laid back, but I never doubt her strong commitment to the Lord. She will speak her mind boldly and attractively at the right times, but she’s not going to push her faith on anyone who perhaps is not ready to hear it. She thinks before she speaks; and when she does speak, it’s quietly, calmly, while at the same time…boldly. I love that about her. Now others perhaps might be a little more enthusiastic and aggressive in their sharing, and that can be okay, too. But my understanding of biblical, HOLY boldness is simply stated, from the Lord. And that kind of boldness we’re all called to demonstrate.  

Holy Boldness. Oh, that we would share our hearts with fervor, love and concern for others…faithfully and boldly. I’m pretty sure that would make our Jesus smile down on us.

DATE: 25/03/2019
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