Teen Moms Matter

The fact that the United States leads the WORLD in teen pregnancies should speak volumes to us as a culture.  This is an alarming statistic. Interestingly enough, since the 1990’s there has been a slow but steady decline in abortions in our country.  That means more unwanted pregnancies are being seen through to the baby’s birth…and that’s a good thing. Now whether that means the babies are being kept by their birth mothers or adopted is a moot point.  What’s encouraging is that many unwanted, unplanned babies are not being aborted.

But here’s the real concern: what are we doing as Christ-followers and even as a culture on the whole, what are we doing to come alongside these young teenage moms to equip and educate them to be all that God calls them to be?  I have to say that it’s one thing to be pro-life and fight for babies’ rights in the womb, but what about after the baby is born? To be truly pro-life means to continue the fight for the child throughout his life. Do these children and moms have access to adequate healthcare? We must care for moms and babies, particularly those moms who might be single or very, very young.  What should that look like for us as a society? Well, it should be involvement in ministries that serve young people.

The Bible says we are to care for widows and orphans. Widows, orphans, and anyone who is poor, needy, destitute and can’t speak for themselves. We should be speaking up for them, serving them, and not turning a deaf ear to those who can’t defend themselves…sure, that means babies in utero but also babies outside the womb.  If we’re not positioning ourselves to come alongside that enormous segment of our population, then maybe we should look into some of those opportunities.

It takes effort; it takes concern, and might even take our time and resources, but after all, isn’t that what God calls us to do? Love others…remembering that love is an action, not a syrupy emotion. Let’s do something…today.

DATE: 15/04/2019
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