Love Wins

The power of love truly is a wonderful thing. Why? Well, maybe it’s because God IS love. Could there be anything more powerful than seeing love win? Than seeing an otherwise hopeless situation turn around because of love? You know, I can’t help but think of personality types that view life so differently. We talk about Debbie Downer…she’s the one who has the black cloud following her everywhere she goes. She sees life as the half empty, maybe even totally empty glass. And then there’s Pollyanna Positive…she’s the glass full of hope and positivity.

Do you remember the old Disney movie, Pollyanna? She was the epitome of good cheer with a sweet disposition that helped transform people’s lives around her, particularly her grumpy aunt. Well, all that positivity went out the window when Pollyanna had a fall from a tall tree and became paralyzed. She went from always seeing life as sunshine and roses to one of hopelessness and despair. The townspeople rallied around her and helped her see that her positivity had changed their lives. So many people were better off because of the love Pollyanna spread everywhere she went. I love a feel-good kind of movie. But the cynical among us might say, “But is that even realistic? Life’s hard. How can we be happy all the time.”

Well, the truth of the matter is, we can’t. Life is fraught with trouble as Jesus tells us in the Bible. But if we read the Bible the whole way through, we will see that in the end, love does win. Good will triumph over evil. God will throw the enemy into the lake of fire, and we will live eternally with our Lord and Savior in heaven. Remembering the end of the story should make life at least bearable if not totally encouraging. So I guess the moral of today’s show is to remember…Love does in fact Win. The journey might not be easy, but the destination is pretty cool…life eternal with our Jesus. That’s a big time win!

DATE: 17/07/2019
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