Protecting Life

Let me start off by saying that I realize the subject of whether we’re pro-life or pro-choice can be difficult and without a doubt controversial no matter our personal beliefs.  These discussions are often divisive and even cruel.  Judgmental to say the least.  We get very emotional when we start talking about any kind of human rights.  But here’s the bottom line…as Christians, Christ-followers, we need to be all about protecting life…that we can all agree on no matter what our stance is regarding pro-life or pro-choice.  I like to say we’re all on the same page when it comes to protecting lives, caring about people.  But we also have to understand that every person who is not in favor of criminalizing abortion is NOT in favor of abortion.  We have to accept and believe that that is true. 

But let’s get beyond our anger and indignation, our different political views, and simply agree on the importance of protecting lives whether in the womb or after the baby is born.  Yes, life is sacred.  God knew us before He knit us together in our mother’s womb.  No wonder we hate the idea of abortion.  But, there are plenty of young women who have had abortions in their lives, millions, in fact, so we need to be keenly aware that there are damaged, hurting people out there who need no condemnation from us.  They need forgiveness, restoration and redemption.  They don’t need us to point fingers at them in judgment.  Our job is to love and understand.  It’s to look and act like Jesus.  And then because most women who choose abortion do so because they can’t manage the financial burden of a child, then we need to support efforts to help low income families care for their children. 

We need to address problems of income inequality.  We need to do our part as Christians to get off the angry picket lines at abortion clinics and put feet on the ground to help a needy mom and dad care for their children and make wise choices.   One thing is for sure: we should all be passionate about protecting life and making it better for those who are in need.

DATE: 05/08/2019
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