Lifestyle Changes

It’s a New Year and a great time for us to make some changes in our lifestyle habits.  When most of us might think of ways to eat better and exercise more…and that’s super important.  Our bodies house the Holy Spirit, so we have a huge responsibility to keep our houses clean, strong and healthy.  But sometimes if we place too much importance on the physical part of our being, we can forget about the other facets which are equally or even more important…and that’s the mind and spiritual part of our bodies.  What are we doing to keep our brains healthy and even pure?

Well, the Bible tells us to think and meditate on things that are pure, lovely, admirable,excellent, and praiseworthy. So that begs the question, are we watching tv shows and movies that fit that bill?  Are the books that we read and the podcasts that we listen to beneficial? Are our conversations with friends, family and co-workers edifying, encouraging and overall virtuous? I know I need to examine daily what I put into my mind. And then there’s the spiritual side…am I reading God’s word every day?  Praying? Studying and memorizing Scripture.

Whew. It’s not an easy life, but one which we’re called by God to aspire to…taking care of our minds, bodies and spirits. Hopefully, we’ve incorporated some of those goals into our New Year’s resolutions. That’s the only way our hearts will flow with rivers of living water…life-giving water that will minister to those around us and keep us close to the Lord.

DATE: 29/01/2020
CATEGORY: Barbara's Blog