12:00 am
Impactando Naciones
1:00 am
Andrew Wommack
1:30 am
Wretched TV
2:00 am
Real Life TV
3:00 am
Cross TV Word Pictures
4:00 am
Welcome Home: Go
4:30 am
Let's Go!
5:00 am
Robert Jeffress
5:30 am
Shining Light Ministries
6:00 am
Andrew Wommack
6:30 am
Chosen Generation
7:00 am
First Baptist Church of Orlando
7:30 am
Christian Fitness
8:00 am
Shining Light Ministries
8:30 am
Life Today
9:00 am
Enjoying Everyday Life
9:30 am
700 Club
10:30 am
Fixing the Money Thing
11:00 am
Welcome Home with Barbara Beck
11:30 am
12:00 pm
Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis
12:30 pm
Our Jewish Roots
1:00 pm
Beverly Exercise
1:30 pm
Rick Renner
2:00 pm
700 Club
3:00 pm
It's Supernatural
3:30 pm
Great American Gospel
4:00 pm
700 Club Interactive
4:30 pm
Real Talk
5:00 pm
Power Talks with Dr.Joel Hunter
5:30 pm
Jerusalem Dateline
6:00 pm
CBN NewsWatch
6:30 pm
Life Today With James Robison
7:00 pm
Chosen Generation
7:30 pm
Great American Gospel
8:00 pm
Welcome Home
8:30 pm
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
9:00 pm
This Is Faith
10:00 pm
The John Ankerberg Show
10:30 pm
Andrew Wommack
11:00 pm
Lifestyle Magazine
11:30 pm
Christian Music Countdown

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