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Freedom Alive
Episode 120: Going Cash Green Pt.1

The push from the government for green energy leaves a gap which questions the intentions behind this movement. Energy advisor, Dave Walsh, is with us today to talk about the real cost of green energy and the geopolitical change in energy control.  

Hope Unabridged
Episode 41: Building a Goodness Culture with Scot McKnight

On this episode of Hope Unabridged, Kasey and Angie discuss the Church of TOV with author and theologian, Scot McKnight. Watch and learn how to restore the church to a culture of goodness that promotes healing, safety, and spiritual growth. You will not want to miss this episode as they delve into this important and timely topic.

Scot McKnight is an American New Testament scholar, historian of early Christianity, theologian, and author who has written widely on the historical Jesus, early Christianity and Christian living. He is currently Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lisle, IL.

Your Story
Episode 4: Jeremy and Christina - Part 2

On this episode of Your Story, host Tracy Leek once again visits Teen Challenge in Sanford, Florida to sit down with Jeremy and Christina and hear their story of how God took two broken and lost individuals, united them, and gave them a sense of purpose. 

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