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We do this through our sincere commitment to sharing life-changing stories.  Good Life 45 is where hope happens! What we mean by this is that when you tune into our Christian and family friendly programs, you will be inspired by relevant content that points the way to a better life in Jesus!

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Freedom Alive
Episode 27: COVID-19 Shot Mandates - Separating Fact From Fiction

Dr. Robert Malone separates fact from fiction in the ongoing shot mandate controversy. 

Hope Unabridged
Episode 43: Turning Our Mess into His Message with Dr. Noe Garcia

On this episode of Hope Unabridged, Kasey and Angie discuss how we can turn our "mess" into "His message" with Dr. Noe Garcia. Dr. Garcia is the senior pastor at North Phoenix Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, and also serves as a writer for Lifeway Voices. He is passionate about reaching and equipping people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in Phoenix and around the world.

Your Story
Episode 2: Angelina

On this episode of Your Story, host Tracy Leek sits down with Angelina of Port Orange, Florida, to learn her story and how God used her broken beginnings to create a beautiful and purpose driven life. You will learn how forgiveness and restoration have shown up in her life, along with how God has blessed her and her family with a heart for their local community.

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