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Freedom Alive
Episode 63: Abortion, Value, & the Sanctity of Life

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision, radical abortion proponents continue to fight for the right to kill unborn children. And many use the reason of rape to argue that abortion should remain accessible. But today’s guest, Ryan Bomberger, is a living testimony that it’s not an excuse. In fact, Ryan is with us today because he was rescued from the violence of abortion by his birth mom’s courageous decision.

Hope Unabridged
Episode 63: The Superpower of Mindset With Jon Acuff

On this episode of Hope Unabridged, Kasey & Angie sit down with bestselling author & leadership speaker, Jon Acuff and his two daughters, L.E. & McRae. In this thoughtful conversation, they discuss how to tap into the superpower of mindset and overthinking, and how curiosity always beats criticism. This is a conversation you will not want to miss!

Your Story
Episode 6: Tina Kadolph

On this episode of Your Story, we will hear from the co-founder & co-owner of Palate Coffee Brewery in Sanford, Florida, Tina Kadolph. Born to a prostitute in northern California, she recalls being forced into sex work as a child, which lasted into her teens. She describes herself as a “survivor warrior of child sex trafficking,” and dreamed up Palate as a café with a mission. All the baristas are volunteers, and all profits – even tips – go to fight human trafficking and help survivors. Learn more about this story of survival and compassion on another inspiring episode of Your Story.

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