Episode 52: Journeying Through Scripture With Kids With Hunter Beless

Jun 1, 2022    Hunter Beless

On this episode of Hope Unabridged, Kasey & Angie discuss the importance of teaching our children to memorize scripture with author and podcaster, Hunter Beless. Hunter is the founder and host of the Journeywomen Podcast and author of the book Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It!

Through these conversations and the wisdom found in her book, you will learn how to elevate the Bible to its rightful place—the highest authority in our lives. Challenge yourself and your young readers to read, see, say, and sing the Bible, because when we do, God speaks to us, and our lives are changed forever.

Hope Unabridged is hosted by: Kasey Brennan (@thejoyfulwild) and Angie Elkins (@angiebrownelkins)
Music by: Robert Elkins