Episode 57: An Invitation to Wholeness With Amy Julia Becker

Aug 12, 2022    Amy Julia Becker

In this life, things don’t always pan out as we’d like them to. We endure difficult relationships, community tragedies, mental anguish, and even physical pain.

For anyone struggling with pain or loss, our latest episode will provide you with some much needed hope. Watch as Kasey and Angie speak with award-winning writer & speaker, Amy Julia Becker.

Julia will provide us with her own life story, along with fresh insights on how to heal your whole self, and the invitation that Jesus offers to each one of us to be made well. Her latest book, To Be Made Well, delves further into this topic, providing you with ways to find personal, spiritual, and social healing.

Hope Unabridged is hosted by: Kasey Brennan (@thejoyfulwild) and Angie Elkins (@angiebrownelkins)
Music by: Robert Elkins